This is the most economical T5 home lighting batten which can be conveniently fixed to walls with out blackening the wall. It uses imported BJB long plastic holders which are snap fit. Using self supplied flexible steel wires & hardware it can be hung from ceiling.

The metal used is specially treated rust proof cold rolled steel painted with powder coated cyclochlorines polyster paint which is conductive to higher light reflectivity.

The fixtures uses an electronic ballast for soft start which increases tube life & can function from 140-280 Volts. System Luminous flux is about 96 Im/Watt with a power factor around 0.95. The lamp is automatically deactivated in case of defect preventing unnecessary waste of power. On replacing defective tube the ballast automatically restores power to tube.

Brief technical specifications of 16mm dia T5 tubes.
Model.No. Rated Tube Rated Tube Rated Tube Current (ma.) Light Output Length
  Power (W) Vlotage Avg.(V) Running Preheat Im cm
LT5-14 14 100 180 240 1350 55
LT5-21 21 150 180 240 2100 85
LT5-28 28 195 180 240 2900 115
LT5-32 32 210 190 240 3350 120

Size in mm - 1190 x 85 x 60 (L x B x H)

Offering the same features as domestic batten, this fitting uses computer designed aluminium sections or achieving anti glare light directivity in an industrial environment using 28W T5 tubes with electronics ballast. Aluminium surface uses a special anodising process for creating a light scattering reflection effect.

It basically adapts OLC (Omnidirectional Luminance Control) grill which prevents undesired light loss while the light output ration of the fixture is as high as .72 & the light can be distributed over a larger area more uniformly. Being light in weight it can also be attached to low height ceilings using two holes provided on it's top back surface.

2 x 28 w
Dimension - 1190 x 210 x 50 mm
Dimension - 1196 x 296 x 50 mm
Flat Ceiling Type
Computer designed ergonemic glare free slim flat ceiling mountable energy efficient fixture supplied with a choice of three different types of electronic ballasts. Using a specially imported reflector from Germany designed for VDU work stations, hospitals, offices etc, this fisture requires only 50 mm clearance from ceiling making it an ideal choice for low heights ceilings. Maintenance of luminiare is very easy as press clips for retaining reflector are provided on each side.
Recessed Ceiling Type
With a fixture of 1196 x 296 x 50mm & hanger span of 1172 x 272mm, this fixture is an ideal choice for low clearance false ceilings created with industry standard 600mm x 600mm tiles.

Dimension 596 x 596 x 50 mm
Dimension 1196 x 596 x 50 mm
The Slim housing of this fixture is made from speciality cold rolled galvanised steel & treated with anti rust coatins which goes well with modern decoration style. The thickness of the fixture is only 50mm. which goes well with low height false ceilings. The large area of aluminium mesh shield can disperse the dazzling light beams & bring about a soft lighting effect making it an ideal choice for new software company offices. Fixture surface uses an electrostatic powder coating while the reflector is made from Germany aluminium.
Design, concept & execution by CyberV@lley Solutions, Mumbai.